Berlino | Presskit (en) - DerWald

Berlino | Presskit (en)

DerWald and David Celia – Berlino. Presskit

DerWald / CreativeCommons / Gas Vintage Records – Pirames International
publication date: 16/12/2016
official webpage:

Link to download the album in mp3 + cover + credits (zip)


Berlino is the new single of the Roman musical collective DerWald, in collaboration with the Canadian singer-songwriter David Celia and the German folksinger Marla.

The song was already on DerWald’s first release (Volume1 – April 2016), and the collaboration with David Celia, who translated and re-elaborated the lyrics in English, led to a new version, with vocals recorded in Toronto.

The single comprehends two versions, which show the two souls of the same song, the first one a more classic newfolk version, the second one only acoustic, more intimate and minimal.

As per all the productions of Derwald, Berlino as well is available on digital stores and distributors (Gas Vintage Records) and in free download on the official website of the band, with Creative Commons licenses.


  1. Berlino (2.16)
  2. Berlino – Acoustic Version (2:16)


Recorded in Rome, Toronto e Berlin (2015-2016).
Mixing and Mastering by Franco Pietropaoli at Ermes Records (Roma)


The cover has the same picture of the previous release, Volume1, with the picture of Monte Gorzano, near Amatrice (RI – Italy), but in wintertime and not in summertime as on Volume1.

Between Rome and Berlin – the two cities that are now hosting DerWald – the band is working to release the next production, with the name of Volume3.


DerWald is a musical project born in 2016, from a part of the disbanded Rein (Claudio Mancini and Gianluca Bernardo) joined by the multi-instrumentalist Davide Garbini.
In the language of the Masters, “DerWald” means “The Forest”, and ancient place, always existed, and always alive and mutable, able to generate peace from its being collective and a community.

DerWald are

Gianluca Bernardo
Claudio Mancini
Davide Garbini

Also playing in Berlino:


David Celia: lead vocals
Marla: harmony vocals